About Us
BeautyMark.Style was first born in 2015 from an event called the Wellness & Beauty Expo in Washington State.
Los Angeles will start as our flagship city and we will expand into nine different markets on the West Coast in the next 3-5 years. Our commitment to bring the BEST deals to our members and the BEST service to our clients is the cornerstone of our objective.
From amazing local deals to our fabulous store, we are dedicated to keeping you up to date and feeling and looking good.
BeautyMark.Style is a subsidiary of Stubborn Girl Creative, a cutting-edge media company with divisions in marketing, events and film. Our founder, Ann Marie Danimus, has over 20 years of marketing experience with emphasis in lifestyle industries. In addition, the company sponsors a non-profit arm called Stubborn Girl Fund for Arts and Entertainment which produces artistic endeavors that educate the public on social issues.
About Our Founder
As a MarCom and small business development specialist with an emphasis on  ideation and creative strategy, Ann Marie is recognized for both her passion and precision. With over 20 years of marketing experience focusing on the beauty, travel, event and entertainment industries, she has created an unprecedented program for Marketing small Wellness & Beauty companies. Her skills combined with her energy produce quality work for any client. The most common comment about Ann Marie is that she is “Fun to work with!”
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